Was Prime Day Worth it for Woodworkers? Or a Waste of Time?

Author:Admin |  Published: July 13, 2022

It is that time of year again. The time where Amazon unleashes Black Friday-like prices in the middle of July. It is Amazon’s Prime Day, or should I say Prime DayS…

What is Prime Day?

Originally starting as a one day event is which Amazon sellers were encouraged to lower prices so that they may reduce inventory. Amazon’s Prime Day is now held over two days. Unless you have been living under a rock, this event has been covered at nauseam by everyone from national television networks to YouTube, all the way to small niche Bloggers like myself.

What is on Sale?

Just about any product or service from any category that you could think of has been on sale for Prime Day 2022. As the original event was intended for, Sellers use this event to clear merchandise from their warehouses, with some savings of up to 80%.

All is not as it seems though. While researching the prices of many of the products, I found that most sellers have marked up their original list price as much as 125% so that it looks like they are giving a much better bargain than they actually are.

I also found that Prime Day has given a scare to other online retailers such as Home Depot, Target, Walmart and more. The previous stores were also running big sales on their websites to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day 2022.

Prime Day for Woodworkers

There were some really good deals on Milwaukee and DeWalt power tools on the first day. with savings up to 30% off some of the products. There were also a lot of deals on hand tools and some specialty tools were listed at some really good prices.

I found though, a majority of the hand and power tools were junk from China that wasn’t even worth the discounts that they were offering. Most of the off-brand power tools were junk that, even as a homeowner, you would be lucky if they lasted a year.


For most, there were some really good deals during Amazon’s Prime Day 2022. Televisions and Amazon-owned products were heavily discounted and worth taking a second look at. For woodworkers, good buys were kind of hard to come by. You really had to do your research on pricing and availability in your local area.

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