About Us

Black Hut Design will chronicle my journey getting back into woodworking as a hobby. A little about me, I am an IT Specialist that also designs and codes Websites. I also produce a YouTube channel that focuses on new technology and if there are cheaper solutions that do the same work that the “new” product does. I got away from woodworking when my daughters were little. The first house that my wife and I owned had a little workshop in the basement and I used to be able to tinker down there. As my daughters got older we moved to a new house that had a finished basement and there was nowhere for me to work with wood. I am looking to get back into woodworking as a hobby so that I have an outlet for my creative side. I have always liked building things since I was little, Legos where my favorite toy… They still are today. So come back and visit often as I go down this road from setting up my new workshop, to buying some new tools, to creating my first project.

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