Cutting Board Clock

Introducing our exquisite Cutting Board Clock – a fusion of functionality and craftsmanship that transcends the ordinary. Meticulously handcrafted from premium Maple, Walnut, and Cherry hardwoods, this unique timepiece is more than just a clock – it’s a work of art for your kitchen.

The clock face seamlessly integrates into a beautifully designed cutting board, adding a touch of sophistication to your culinary space. The natural colors and grains of Maple, Walnut, and Cherry create a visually stunning mosaic, making each clock a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Precision and attention to detail define this timepiece. The Maple, with its light hue, forms the backdrop for the clock face, while the deep richness of Walnut and the warm tones of Cherry are expertly arranged to mark the hour indicators. Each type of wood is carefully chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a long-lasting and visually captivating addition to your kitchen décor.

Functional and versatile, the Cutting Board Clock serves as a practical timekeeping device and a charming cutting surface. The clock hands are elegantly designed, maintaining a balance between readability and style. It’s an ideal companion for any home chef, combining the utility of a cutting board with the convenience of a clock.

Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or simply appreciate artisanal craftsmanship, this Maple, Walnut, and Cherry Cutting Board Clock is an embodiment of timeless elegance. Elevate your kitchen aesthetics and stay on schedule with this handcrafted timepiece, available exclusively on our website.

12" x 
12" x 
Cutting Board Clock Dimensions:
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
Cutting Board Clock Wood Species:
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