Cheap Tricks at WIA

Author:Admin |  Published: February 8, 2024

Fits like a glove by Barb Walker

Study of a burl mallet by Barb Walker

One of the perks of being married to an artist is that we share a lot about design and the creative life. Barb’s always introducing me to her artist friends and mentors she admires. Here’s one of the greats, Wayne Thiebaud sharing his insight on a great masterpiece at the Met. Late in the clip he laughs about how the painting is just a bunch of cheap tricks.

Cheap Tricks

You can say that about almost any great piece of music, painting, sculpture, or chair. Every detail by itself is just a cheap trick. But successfully blending a basket of tricks together may take all you have in you. I’ll be down in Cincinnati for Woodworking in America  WIA in just a few weeks sharing a tool tote full of cheap tricks. Hope to see you there.

George R. Walker

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